I'm the lead vocal in a band called Blues Lounge. We are playing a mix of blues, rock and funk.




Take a listen to some of the tunes below.


Would be fun to hear your comments on them...:)
















Blues Lounge anno 2011


The Forecast (calls for pain)


Never Make Your Move (too soon)


After Midnight


Can't Hold On


Blues Lounge anno 2009


Think I Love You Too Much


Two Drinks Minimum


Sacred Ground


Heed My Warning


Cross Roads Blues


Before You Accuse Me


After Midnight


Heidi - many many many years ago - back when you just put a taperecorder in the room and hoped for the best :) Yep! It's that old. So try to look aside from the quality been a bit rough and just enjoy the music.


Zombie (Cover) (From a school concert back in 96)


10000 Miles (Homemade)


Rollin' Thunder (Homemade)


The Band Story (Homemade)


To Be With You In Heaven (Homemade)


Laugh'n'ahalf (Cover)


Lovin' Whiskey (Cover)